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splendors you never have dreamed all your days

vision dreams of passion

28 January 1986
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( you know me i don't need an introduction and shit)


i ramble about daily stuff, i fall into other characters in other places, i sometimes do nothing but describe.

[ verb most often exclaimed: DANCE!]
[ greeting: yo or ello or what's it]
[ random exclamation: RAWR]

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addison's, aimless wandering, aimme bender, anemones, anthony bourdain, aphex twin, arabic pop, art parks in elm, artsy shite, bad 80's music, baseck, beastie boys, being prostitute-core, belle&sebastian, blackandwhite photos, boas, boom bip/doseone, boredoms, brandy alexander, broken glass, cafe brazil, camus, catholicism, charcoal, chipping classic red nailpolish, chuck palahniuk, cibo matto, contradiction, cooking, cult films, david tennant, deviant art, dinosaurs, dirty concerts, disco 2000, doggies, doormouse, drag, drinking too much, dwarfs, four o'clock, fraggle rock, freud, fuzzy shiznit, gay men, gay parades, german rap, giving people fake names, gnomes, golden girls, graffiti, grindcore turtles, gritty mixed tapes, herion chic, horribly cheesy rap, hunger force, indian hip hop, industrial alleys on greenville, irving welsh, jack sparrow, japanese carp, japanese punk, japanese street wear, jeff mangum, johnny depp, jung, kazakee, kids in the hall, kurt vonnegut, led throwies, lister, lobsters, lysogeny, magnets, marksalot, masami akita, melt banana, michael musto, midgets, mike myers, mike patton, moloko, mr. bungle, multitextural objects, munchkins, neutral milk hotel, new english, noise, nudity, od to the og, old counting crows, orange juice, painting, philosophy, picasso, pineapples, pinup art, pirates of the caribbean, pitting, pj o'rourke, plastic light-up swords, popables, postmodernism, psychology, public transportation, quiet sad mornings, rabbits, rain pooling on sidewalks, ramen noodles, razors, red dwarf, ring pops, robocore, roboribbit, rudy, sacraligious paraphernalia, secret transvestite brothers, shiny shiny shiny pants, shopping carts, sid&nancy, snoop, squeaky toys, stacy richter, staplers, stars&the hot summer air, stegosaurous, stereolab, strange accessories, stuffed animals, stunt rock, subcultures, sublime, surrealism, tacky accesories, tacky plastic champange flutes, tagging, talking men into drag, tape(duct scotch masking), teenage mutant ninja turtles, the bbc, the bunnies, touching bellini, velvet jesus, veuve clicquot, vodka, warm safe cathedrals, wasting time online, white lines/grandmasterflash in general, wu-tang clan