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sleep is perverse as human nature.

his angry mouth was all i could feel for the moment, pressed against mine and raging there, upset by my response, the way my fingers moved to his cheeks and tore at them, pushing him away, and my mouth fought his with bitterness of its own.

would it be easy now, with these too sweet lips on mine, to slip into that easy floating state, a desperate dream-wrecked sleep. i couldn't let the now tender kisses that dripped from the tips of my fingers up to my soft inner elbow overwhelm me. i didn't want to if this vicious and gentle wooing would be, as i suspected, for nothing at all. the violence came again, from the hungry lips and from the place it thudded again and again inside of me, a battle, one melodious and rough, the other acute and contrary.

i couldn't bet on the losing team and so i took him in my arms, kissed him once more, and pushed him out of bed where he never landed with a satisfying thump.
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