alex (martyredbunny) wrote,

a beautiful sight, i'm happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland

The smell of good butter, cheese, sugar, chocolate, warm nuts, and cinnamon. All surfaces are covered in sweets and baked goods in every state: smooth logs of marzipan waiting for their dip in the tempered chocolate warming in the microwave, pots on the stove filled with simmering caramel, toffee recently poured over parchment paper coated sheet pans, croissants and buttery puff pastry coated in cheese and spices cool on the racks that coated the kitchen table, resting next to double chocolate cookies, naked steaming gingerbread men, newly jarred dulce de leche, and a sheet pan coated in spiced nuts; custards fill the fridge, ice cream churns near the phone, coconut marshmallows are cut and bagged in the pantry, next to homemade cocoa mix, brownies, sugar cookie cutouts, blondies filled with caramel and bourbon, and mini pumpkin gingerbread bundt cakes stripped with orange and ginger icing which all reside in matching cello bags closed with big red bows. In the oven muffins and carrot cakes rise, in the sink sticky mixing bowls are soaking, in the fridge frosting is waiting, and in the nook dark roasted coffee is brewing next to lollipops waiting to set. A rainbow of fudges, cherry, chocolate, mint, peanut butter, and dark chocolate raspberry rest on parchment paper, stacked on top of each other waiting to be cut. Chopped walnuts, a carton of eggs, and warming butter lay on a cutting board next to large springs of rosemary and the pepper grinder. The lovely

Everything has been sprinkled or dipped, iced or bagged. The whole world smells like a bakery, like warmth and richness, like delicious things, like cravings, all but some spilled sugar and stray cheese gratings cruelly out of reach of his furry snout.
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